Love dolls are now widely available online and you can find anything you are looking for from adult love dolls to child love dolls and from anime love dolls to celebrity love dolls. Unlike before wherein love dolls definitely look cheap and just merely a doll, nowadays, they look realistic and can offer lots of features for an exciting sexual experience. When choosing a doll, you have to know that they are made of different materials. These materials affect the price of the dolls wherein a realistic feel is said to be more expensive.

Is It A Good Choice to Have A Latex Sex Doll?

People normally look for ways on how they can save money on buying a sex doll. The truth is sex dolls don’t come cheap. If it does, then you have to be prepared with the consequences. If you are searching for a cheap sex doll, then one of your best options is a latex sex doll. Though you can use it to release the urge, the experience is not that too satisfying compared to dolls made up of silicone or TPE material.

Latex doesn’t feel realistic because it is firm and also has an unpleasant smell. What is the worst thing about making love with a latex sex doll is dealing with allergic reactions especially if you are a type of person who is allergic to latex. It is therefore advisable for you to use a condom if you will have sex with your latex love doll.

It is important that you are aware on how your body could possibly react with the material used in any sex toy for you to avoid using it. It is not all about the enjoyment that you can get from the toy but you also have to focus more on your safety. Though you can actually save money on having latex love dolls, risking your health makes it a bad idea. So, to help you find a safe sex doll or any sex toy that you would want to try you have to check the following.

  • Safe to use
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-porous

When it comes to sex dolls, silicone is known to be the best material that you should look for if you don’t want to experience any unwanted reaction. Aside from that, this can provide a realistic experience and you can also clean your doll every after use.

There’s an ongoing stigma about buying products that have to do with sex. Sex dolls have consistently been on that list, but the growing popularity of love dolls is slowly removing the stigma surrounding them.

If you live with someone else, though, or are afraid to be seen with a sex doll, you may be concerned about privacy and confidentiality.

The good news is that you no longer have to be concerned about obtaining a sex doll in public or being judged for your sexual desires. You can now order these dolls directly from manufacturers or online sex toy shops, without ever having to be seen in public with your new purchase.

But of course, buying sex dolls discreetly means paying attention to all of the details involved with choosing a doll and ordering it over the Internet. Naturally, you always have the option of buying at an actual store if you feel you can do it without prying eyes watching.

Online pleasure stores vs. physical stores

There’s a big difference between buying your sex doll from an online store and when buying it from a physical store. If you feel embarrassed about purchasing a doll, an online vendor is probably your best bet; it will arrive right at your door without the possibility of a friend or neighbor accidentally seeing you make the purchase. If you’re open about your sexual preferences, or don’t know anyone in the neighborhood where you’re shopping, there’s less to worry about.

Packaging process

The most important thing to consider is how the store – whether it’s a physical or online one – packages your sex doll. The great thing about love dolls is that they can be put into discreet packaging so no one knows what’s inside. When ordering, though, always ask how the sex doll will be packaged, and whether there will be any identifying store logos or labels to be concerned about.

What you can do

Sex toy stores are very familiar with the need for discretion, and they should always take care to prevent any prying eyes from seeing what’s inside. Even so, always ask the clerk (or for an online order, ask on the order form) that additional packing be used to cover your doll, and that no identifying material is included on the package.

What If You Live With Someone Else?

That one is up to you – but it’s always best to be open and honest with a partner. Nothing’s worse than destroying trust in a relationship by sneaking in a sex doll without notice. Discuss the possibility in advance – you might be surprised that your partner could be as excited about a love doll as you are!

Sex dolls are generally sold in the market as full-sized dolls that have the complete likeness of an actual female human – from her hair down to her toes. They can totally pass as a real human at a first glance, so it is not surprising if you get to form an attachment to her that goes more than just treating her as another sex tool.

With regards to attachment, it would be quite a pain sometimes when you realize that you have to leave for work, knowing that you cannot bring her along to have fun with anytime you want. But the worry is now over, as you can finally get to bring your darling anywhere you go, no matter the distance – but how?

Have Fun With Her Anywhere!

Sex doll makers have made a breakthrough with the dolls they sell, and that is through the creation of portable sex dolls. These are dolls that highly adjustable and customizable, and from the name, can be brought anywhere you go. They can be life-sized or only comes with the head and upper body (complete with private parts), but whatever you get, the satisfaction is still great.

It is a fact that sex dolls are generally sold as dolls that have the complete likeness of an actual human female – complete with all the clothes and accessories according to the theme you prefer. This is because the more realistic they look, the more satisfying they are for every time they are used for sexual satisfaction.

But it is also a fact that sexual urges can be felt anywhere. It is not just a feeling exclusive in the bedroom, but anywhere you go. This is why whenever you are going on a trip outdoors, you have to do something to respond to the sudden urges you might feel. Suppressing them would lead to dissatisfaction, and even health risks. This is it is best to get the portable ones to keep you satisfied wherever you go.

Get Your Portable Love Partner Online

Whether or not you choose to have fun with sex dolls beyond the confines of your bedroom is all up to you. But with the popularity of portable sex dolls, there is no reason to not bring the fun wherever you go.

You can get your portable doll from popular adult shops online. And once you did, you can finally take the fun with her anywhere you go, no longer forcing yourself to suppress the urge.

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